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Our team understands how difficult it can be dealing with disrespectful employers. Edmonton’s huge presence in the business community can make employment difficult. If you have questions or concerns​,​ contact our office for a free consultation. We may be able to help you. Our employment lawyers mainly assists individuals whereas a labour lawyer primarily deals with unionized employees. Our lawyers help their clients with understanding​,​ advising​,​ and litigating work-related issues in the workplace​,​ which include but are not limited to termination​,​ workplace harassment​,​ disability-related issues​,​ wage related-issues​,​ and workplace safety.




A 30 minutes free consultation on employment law matters.When an employer wishes to terminate an employee unless the employer has “just cause”, the employer must meet the legal and statutory requirements that govern terminations. The employer must also provide the employee with either fair notice or pay in lieu of that notice. If you have been dismissed from work without these procedures, call our team today. A wrongful dismissal occurs when an employee is terminated without being offered a reasonable period of working notice, or an amount of money equal to their pay and benefits for that period. Please note, this varies from province to province and must follow the provincial laws of each individual province. Calculating the correct amount of severance pay or length of notice is mandatory. It is based on a complex analysis of factors including the employment contract, the length of employment, salary, benefits and options, age, employment levels in the industry, or quality of the overall job market.


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