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The Global Talent Stream is a fast-track work permit program in Canada that allows certain employers to hire highly skilled foreign workers in certain technology and engineering occupations. The program is designed to help Canadian employers fill skills shortages and compete in the global market by providing a streamlined and efficient process for hiring foreign talent. To be eligible for the Global Talent Stream​,​ employers must meet many complex requirements including​,​ being referred by a designated partner and hired for a high-growth position. Once an employer has been referred by a designated partner and meets the eligibility requirements​,​ they can apply for a Global Talent Stream work permit for their foreign worker. The application process includes an assessment of the employer's eligibility and a review of the job offer and Labour Market Benefits Plan. It's important to note that the Global Talent Stream is a competitive program​,​ and not all employers or foreign workers will be approved. It's important to carefully review the eligibility criteria and seek legal advice if needed before applying for the program.




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